13 02, 2015

Strongest Policy on Open Access Research From Gates Foundation

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Open Research and Open Data received a strong boost with the announcement of the world’s strongest policy by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One of the provisos o the Policy is that researchers funded by the Foundation would be restricted from publishing their findings in Science and Nature or other similar journals. However, it also provides that all researchers must, as of January 2015, make all results of their papers and data sets public once they are published and that such research must be made available for commercial exploitation. […]

11 02, 2015

RIKEN Investigation Lays Bare Claim of Contamination Created Acid Induced Stem Cells Research

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The latest scandal doing the rounds of the scientific world involves stem cells. A claim that the exposure of ordinary cells to stress gave rise to stem cells has been invested by RIKEN, a Japanese research institution. The investigation was headed by a committee made up of seven members from outside the institution to investigate the claim originating from within and, in all probability, the said stem cells were originally sourced from embryonic stem cells. The matter is contamination is also under investigation. Two teams, one of them headed by […]


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