Indoor air quality solutions

At Daikin, we’re driven by a simple belief: organizations are at their best when their air is at their best. Thanks to our constant innovations Daikin defines the benchmarks for indoor air quality within the industry. We offer our unique air purifying technology in air purifiers to protect air environments in offices, light commercials, and everywhere clean air is important.

Why air purification?

We spend 90% of our life we spend indoors. Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside.

Air dampness, humidity levels, odors and floating airborne particles… All of these, unnoticeable at first factors, can cause a lot of physical and environmental damage to our lifestyle.

Three steps to decompose harmful substances

Powerful suction

Three-directional suction reliably takes in dust that tends to collect near the floor from: below, left and right. Its design allows it to take in large amounts of air because the air inlet is located apart from the air outlet so that the airflow from the outlet is soft.

Effective capture of pollutants

The unit’s electrostatic HEPA filter can collect harmful substances efficiently with the power of static electricity. Therefore it doesn’t clog as easily as a non-charged HEPA filters that capture particles based on the fineness of the mesh.


Uses Daikin’s Streamer technology to decompose harmful substances caught on the filter by oxidation 5. Effect after nine hours in a space of about 200L.


Mechanism of decomposition by Streamer:

Streamer, a high-power plasma discharge technology, decomposes harmful substances (including viruses1, bacteria2, pollen3, mould spores4) inside the unit. These substances are either trapped on the HEPA filter or adsorbed to the deodorizing filter element.

  • 1. Streamer emits high-speed electrons.
  • 2. The electrons collide and combine with nitrogen and oxygen in the air to form four kinds of decomposing elements with decomposition power.
  • 3. The decomposing elements provide decomposition power.

Active Plasma Ion flow outside

The Active Plasma Ion generation unit provides further purification to the space, by adding purifying elements to the cleaned air. These could for example assist to deodorize smelling curtains and carpets.

Removes 99.97% of fine particles of 0.3μm*

Electrostatic HEPA filter High-performance filter to catch fine particles of dust

The filter collects dust efficiently with electrostatic forces. It is not prone to clogging compared with unelectrified HEPA filters which collect particles only by the fineness of the mesh.

Unique vertical structure

Reduced sound operation and improved operation thanks to the new, innovative structure.

Easy maintenance

Filter cleaning without opening the panel

Just vacuum with a cleaner. No need to open the panel to clean the filter.

Easy-to-detach water tank*

The water tank is conveniently placed in a high position for easy detaching. The compact size of the tank makes it easy to replenish water in a sink or a wash basin.

Equipped with roll-away casters*

Easy to move to clean the floor.

* URURU model

Triple detection sensor

Equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor which reacts while differentiating between small particles sized 2.5µm or smaller, and large harmful substances such as dust and pollen.This in combination with the odor sensor that detects odor concentration, allows the unit to remove harmful substances and achieve high deodorization performance.

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