Cell Therapy Systems—a proven choice for clinical cell therapy manufacturing

As you move from basic cell therapy research to the clinic, high-quality GMP-grade cell therapy ancillary materials and proper documentation are essential to getting it right the first time. Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products provide a proven choice for clinical stem cell therapy and immunotherapy research and manufacturing so you can transition your cell therapy to the clinic with confidence. In addition to providing serum-free, xeno-free and animal origin-free formulations our GMP-grade CTS products have cell and gene therapy specific intended use statements, extensive safety testing and proactive regulatory documentation. We take these measures to provide quality ancillary materials to help minimize risk, ease the burden on your quality systems, and support your regulatory submission—making CTS the superior choice as you transition from the bench to the clinic.

Gibco CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System

A compact, flexible closed cell processing system, designed to streamline and expedite your cell therapy development, that enables:

  • Process flexibility—user-programmable software enables you to create and optimize a broad range of protocols for cell separation, washing, and concentration
  • High cell recovery and viability—gentle processing enables >95% cell recovery while maintaining cell viability
  • Low output volumes—proprietary technology can deliver as little as 5 mL of concentrate
  • Research through commercial manufacturing—the closed single-use kit enables sterile processing, and an OPC-UA interface enables connectivity to a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant system

Cell therapy applications

Cell therapy products for T cell, MSC, PSC, NSC, and HSC

One aspect of successfully transitioning your cell therapy to the clinic involves the careful selection of products from a reliable supplier. Based on your starting cell type (T cells, MSCs, PSCs, NSCs, or HSCs), our interactive product selection tool will help you identify reagents, services, and support that can scale with you from discovery to commercialization.

Enabling GMP cell therapy development

Cell Therapy Systems products

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