The environmental service provided by the great bio-diversity of Amazonian forests is one of several factors leading to the conclusion that much greater efforts are warranted to reduce the destruction of these forests. Risks to biodiversity in Amazonian forests include deforestation, logging, fire, fragmentation, depletiondownload of fauna, invasion by exotic species, and climate change. Financial values assigned to biodiversity depend strongly on the purposes of valuation. Utilitarian benefits include the values of presently marketed and presently unexploited forest products, and the monetary value of environmental benefits.

Brazil tried to lead the world in sustainable use of biodiversity over the last decades. It attracted the whole world for the RIO 92 summit and Eco 92. The most prominent authorities worldwide came to Rio and a host of countries signed the Biological Diversity Convention (BDC).

Conservation of biodiversity in Brazil includes creation of various types of protected areas. The status of these areas varies greatly, with practice frequently deviating from official requirements. Creating reserves that includeimages human occupants has a variety of pros and cons.

Brazil is among the most biodiversity nations in the world:

• An estimated 20 percent of the Earth’s biodiversity is found in Brazil.

• Brazil is home to at least 103,870 animal species and between 43,000 and 49,000 plant species – not to mention microorganisms, algae and several biological groups never before studied.

• Only 7,302 of the animal species and approximately 40,000 of the plant species in Brazil have been scientifically documented, according to the Ministry of the Environment and National Center for Flora Conservation.

• Approximately 700 new animal species are discovered each year in Brazil, and a new plant species is identified approximately every two days.

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