LC6070 – SilverQuest™ Silver Staining Kit

INR 30,830.00


  • Target Molecule: Protein
  • Label or Dye: SilverQuest™ Silver Stain
  • Detection Method: Colorimetric
  • Detection Location: In-Gel Detection
  • Product Line: SilverQuest™
  • Product Size: 1 kit


The SilverQuest™ Silver Staining Kit provides a rapid and easy method to silver stain proteins and DNA in polyacrylamide gels. Silver staining allows detection of most proteins since it is 30-fold more sensitive than staining with colloidal Coomassie® G-250. The SilverQuest™ Silver Staining Kit is specifically designed to provide sensitive silver staining compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. Features of this kit:

  • High sensitivity—protein detection at sub-nanogram level
  • Compatible—staining compatible with mass spectrometry analysis
  • Rapid—protein bands can be visualized within an hour
  • Easy to use—color-coded solutions for easy staining protocolIdeal for rapid preparation of samples for mass spectrometry
    The mass spectrometry problems associated with traditional silver stains are mitigated with the SilverQuest™ Silver Staining Kit because the reagents used do not modify protein side chains and do not interfere with trypsin digestion. Typically, in less than 90 minutes, 0.3 ng of protein can be detected (see figure). For added speed, an optimized microwave procedure can typically be completed in 30 minutes without compromising sensitivity.Mass spectrometry–compatible reagents
    The SilverQuest™ Silver Staining Kit has been specifically designed to make protein detection compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. The SilverQuest™ reagent set contains a sensitizer that contains no glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde, so it leaves lysine and arginine side-chains unmodified Additionally, the SilverQuest™ destaining solution effectively removes silver from protein bands in polyacrylamide gels. Peptides remain as efficient targets for in-gel trypsin digestion and gel extraction and yield better coverage during mass spectrometry analysis.

Contents & storage

This kit contains sufficient reagents to stain 25 minigels

250 mL Sensitizer
25 mL Stainer
250 mL Developer
2 mL Developer Enhancer
250 mL Stopper solution
60 mL Destainer A
60 mL Destainer B

Store kit at room temperature (15°C to 30°C). Stable for 6 months.



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