DNA Fragment Extraction

Viogene® DNA Fragment Extraction Systems

Cleaning up of DNA is often required for efficient downstream applications such as cloning, sequencing, labeling, or amplification. Viogene DNA Fragment Extraction Systems provide a broad range of kits which are designed for specific DNA fragment extractions. Use the selection guide below to find the kit which is best suited to your needs.

Viogene® DNA Fragment Extraction System Selection Guide
Viogene® DNA Fragment
Extraction System
Gel AdvancedTM
Gel Extraction
PCR AdvancedTM
Clean Up
Viogene® Gel/PCR
DNA Isolation System
DNA AdvancedTM
DNA Clean Up and Concentrator
DNA size range100bp ~ 10kb100bp ~ 10 kb100bp ~ 10kb>10 kb
Sample Size50 to 200 mg of gel slice10-100 µl of PCR productUp to 100µl DNA
Solution / Up to 200 mg
agarose gel sample
10-500 µl of DNA Solution
Elution Volume15~30µl15~30µl15~30µl20~100µl
DNA Binding CapacityUp to 20µgUp to 50µgUp to 20µgUp to 50µg
RecoveryUp to 90%Up to 95%Up to 90%Up to 95%
ApplicationRecover DNA
from agarose gel
Clean up DNA
from PCR or other
enzymatic reactions
Clean up DNA from
agarose gel,
PCR or other
enzymatic reactions
Clean up  and concentrate DNA
from samples, such as  OrageneTM DNA
Downstream Application Sequencing
Restriction digestion
Modifying enzyme reaction
Labeling, Hybridization
Ordering Information50 preps  EG2001
250 preps EG2002
50 preps  PF2001
250 preps PF2002
50 preps  GP1001
250 preps GP1002
50 preps  DC1001
250 preps DC1002
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