Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Maxiprep System

Features and Benefits

  • Purification module: spin column fits microcentrifuge or vacuum manifold
  • Shearing tube facilitates simple, fast homogenization and pre-filtration
  • Harvesting pure DNA free from contaminants and enzyme inhibitors
  • Rapid isolation of ready-to-use DNA, without need of organic extraction
ProductCat No.List priceContentsMSDS Protocol
Plant Genomic
DNA Extraction
Maxiprep System
GPGM100120 preps20 Plant Genomic Maxi Column,
40 Collection Tubes, 20 Shearing Tubes,
Buffers, Protocol, RNase A


The Viogene Plant Genomic DNA Extraction System uses silica-gel membrane technology for simple and fast isolation of Genomic DNA without phenol/chloroform or ethanol precipitation. Homogenization is not necessary since tissues can be directly lysed by Proteinase K and filtered by shearing tube.

Downstream Applications

Genomic DNA purified by Viogene system is free from contaminants and enzyme inhibitors, and typically has A260 / A280 ratios between 1.7 and 1.9. The DNA is sized up to 50-kb, with predominant fragments of 30-kb, and is suitable for applications such as:

  • Restriction digestion
  • Southern blotting
  • PCR, Real-time PCR