Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

The below is a listing of all columns, tubes, buffers and enzymes supplied by Viogene .

The components are matched with the appropriate kits, use the kit catalogue number for accurate matching. Please contact with Viogene or your authorized distributor to check for availability and quote the unique catalogue number of each component.

For large scale buffer or component orders please contact us by e-mail, thanks

Viogene ® DNA ladder

100 bp DNA Ladder
Viogene 100 bp DNA ladder consists of 12 blunt-ended fragments between 100-bp and 2000-bp. Two high intensity bands 500 bp and 1000 bp are 3 times brighter than other bands.

Concerntration loading volumes:
Approximately 50 ng/µl and load 4µl/lane for mini agarose gel.

Storage at -20℃ or below.


  • Ready – To – Use
  • Easy to distinguish with indictors
  • Economic – only apply 200 ng/µl

Viogene ® Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis system

Viogene provides the horizontal electrophoresis equipment for various research applications. The mini horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis system is designed and provides the economic and fast solution for nucleic acid electrophoresis analysis. Neat look , simple to use, no sweat to clean, and most importantly, safe, durable and reliable. No annoyance to worry that the salt in running buffer will dry out and lodge in unnecessary complex angles of a electrophoresis set.

Electrophoresis Tank

  • Constructed of sturdy and reliable PC material.
  • Safety ventilative lid, avoids accidental electric shock due to unexpected lid opening when power is on, and releases the generated heat during electrophoresis.
  • Dimensions in 60 mm (MJ series) or 83 mm (MT series) long and 105 (WIDE MINI Tray) or 50 mm (MINI Tray) wide.

Casting System

  • Cast 3 pieces of agarose gel in a casting module. Multiple modules can be linked together for easy manipulation.
  • Tolerable temperature is very high (130oC. Never worry about tray cracking when casting the high temperature agarose gel.
  • Tray contains black well-visualization stripes aligned right under the comb positions which make the wells in translucent gel visualized.
  • No need to use tapes, clamps or springs.
  • Various types of combs are available to meet your requirement.

Power Supplies

Handy 50V/100V power supply
Viogene HANDY 50V/100V power supply is designed for everyday electrophoresis of Viogene MINI Horizontal Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System at 50V or 100V. The HANDY 100V Power Supply requires no programming prior to use. Just set the voltage simply with a switch.


  • Output Range: 50V or 100V ( User-selectable), 40W
  • Type of output: Constant voltage

Midi-Power 250N and 300N Power Supplies
MP-250N and 300N is a new style power supply. It is a versatile microprocessor power supply for horizontal or vertical gel electrophoresis. The unit is programmable and offers constant voltage or constant current output.


  • Output range: 250V for MIDI-Power 250N and 300V for MIDI-Power 300N, 400mA, 100W
  • Type of output: constant voltage/constant voltage
  • 10 user-defined programs