June 2015

A big adventure about science faculties

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Becoming faculty is a goal for many scientists in academia, but the path is littered with hurdles, challenges and lessons to learn. According to an ASCB infographic, less than 8% of biology PhD starters in the US will become faculty. Of course, there are many that start the PhD with no aim of becoming faculty, but many do have this goal. And for them, the competition can be fierce. Based primarily on the 2012 NIH […]

SYMPOSIUM: Open bridges for science data

Guest blog by Dr Stephanie Suhr, Project Manager of BioMed-Bridges – a project coordinated by EMBL-EBI on behalf of ELIXIR say you are studying a disease in human patients, such as diabetes and obesity, and you are looking at the human DNA sequence to try and find out whether specific mutations could be contributing to it. As all mammals shared a common ancestor approximately 80 million years ago, their genomes show great similarities. This means that non-human mammals can be used as experimental models for human disease. BioMedBridges is a […]

Career paths: Academic entrepreneur

Professor Robert Langer, the Career Expo keynote speaker in Boston, shares the challenges he faced when becoming an academic entrepreneur.He served as a member of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s SCIENCE Board, the FDA’s highest advisory board, from 1995 — 2002 and as its Chairman from 1999-2002. Langer has received over 220 major awards.  He is one of 4 living individuals to have received both the United States National Medal of Science (2006) and the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2011).  He also received the […]

Know about Minion

Oxford Nanopore Technologies invented the MinION device – a pocket-sized DNA/RNA sequencer that is based on protein nanopores set in an electrically resistant polymer membrane. It works by passing an ionic current through the nanopores, creating a specific disruption pattern in the current that is used to identify the molecule. This is similar to the antennae of insects, and it fascinated me. So, I wrote to Oxford Nanopore expressing my wish to join its MinION Access Programme (MAP). Minions is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated comedy film and a prequel/spin-off […]

What is the Health situation in Yemen?

The World Health Organization’s Margaret Chan published a statement this week decrying the health situation in Yemen, in which conflict killed almost 2,000 people, and injured 8,000, according to the latest death and casualty tolls. Yemen was in serious trouble far before the most recent escalation, when a Saudi-led coalition began attacking the country from the air in late March. Houthi rebels overran the capital Sana’a last September, effectively putting an end to the presidency of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Since then, the Houthis, who are allied with Hadi’s predecessor […]

A virtually connected team of Indian aerospace engineers — based in India, USA, UK and The Netherlands — have emerged champions in a global biennial innovation challenge organized by UNESCO and the passenger aircraft manufacturing company Airbus. Team Multifun from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, has been crowned champions of the fourth edition of Airbus Fly Your Ideas global student competition, organised in partnership with UNESCO to encourage the next generation of innovators and uncover future solutions for the future of flight. As well as receiving the coveted trophy, […]

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