ADME/Tox Studies and Products

We strive to offer industry-leading ADME/Tox products that provide physiologically relevant results, so you can make the right decisions to support your research. We are a team of hepatic scientists helping fellow scientists-supporting with our products and services, and participating in the advancement of research in 3D, enzyme induction, CYP inhibition, hepatic transport, and other metabolism-related (DMPK) fields and applications. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tools to support your workflow across every step.

We offer high-grade hepatic systems (cells, media, supplements and matrices), subcellular fractions, and transport systems backed by extensive expertise in hepatic systems and decades of hepatocyte culture experience

  • Extensive expertise with decades of hepatocyte culture experience
  • Dedicated technical and field support to help with your ADME/DMPK research
  • A broad selection of cells, media, and product guidance necessary to create physiologically relevant co-culture models
  • Broad selection of human and animal hepatic cells to support your ADME/DMPK research

Transition seamlessly through all your ADME needs.

Transition seamlessly through all your ADME needs.

Hepatic cells

Our extensive selection of premier hepatocytes and culture products is backed by decades of experience. Human and animal hepatocyte cells are isolated in-house by our specially trained scientists, helping to ensure the highest quality standards translate into your ability to draw in-vitro/in-vivo correlations. Each of our lots is tested for monolayer formation, attachment efficiency, proper morphology, viability, and phase I and II enzyme activities. Our human hepatocytes are pre-qualified for a variety of applications including metabolism, induction, and transporter studies.

We can help you seamlessly transition through your workflow with a complete cell culture system of Gibco 2D and 3D hepatocytes, media, and supplements. From suspension to adherent cultures, we offer thawing and recovery medium to improve hepatic cell viability, extracellular matrixes for a more in situ environment offering more physiological relevant results, and various media and supplements to help maintain the health of your hepatic cells.

Our most used products:

  • Single & Pooled Donor Human Hepatocytes
  • Spheroid-Qualified Hepatocytes
  • HepaRG
  • Human stellates
  • Human and rat kupffers
  • Animal hepatocytes

Our specially trained isolation experts bring your scientists premier hepatocytes and help enable your success.

Media, supplements, & matrices

Ensure a successful setup with the right tools. Whether you’re just starting and need a recovery medium designed to improve the viability and overall quality of cryopreserved hepatocytes, need an enriched wash medium to ease centrifugation, or are ready to set up your long-term culture with hepatocyte plating supplements and William’s E Medium we offer premier Gibco media to support all stages of hepatocyte cell culture.

The breadth of our Gibco media and reagents offering is designed to provide an ideal environment for adherent and suspension hepatocytes

  • Supplements and media for adherent and suspension culture types
  • Media for every step in your cell culture workflow
  • Customizable medium—begin your custom journey here

Subcellular fractions & transporter products
Subcellular fractions

Our subcellular fractions, derived from the endoplasmic reticulum of hepatocytes, contain an assortment of CYP450 enzymes for assessing the in vitro metabolism of drug candidates. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including: cytochrome P450 inhibition studies, metabolic stability studies, cytochrome P450 phenotyping, and metabolite characterization.

  • Subcellular fractions from a variety of tox species including human, cynomolgus monkey, dog, rat, and mouse
  • Large, pooled lots for reproducible, long-term studies
  • Microsomes—for studies needing Phase I CYP enzymes, suitable for drug metabolism and drug interaction studies
  • S9—for studies needing Phase I & Phase II CYP enzymes, suitable for drug metabolism and drug interaction studies
  • Cytosol—for studies needing Phase II CYP enzymes, suitable for metabolic profiling

Transporter products

We offer an extensive selection of GenoMembrane ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter vesicles and GenoMembrane TRANSiPORT human solute carrier transporter cells to help you evaluate your compound’s transporter interactions and accelerate your answers.

GenoMembrane ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter Vesicles

  • Identify drug transporter interactions and if your drug is a substrate or inhibitor of a specific efflux transporter
  • A broad selection of transporters from multiple species including human, dog, monkey, and rat
  • The “inside-out” design of the vesicles allow for the import of substrate directly into the vesicles for quantitative measurements

GenoMembrane TRANSiPORT Human SLC Transporter Cells

  • Assess potential for transporter-mediated drug metabolism
  • Easy-to-use format
  • Obtain high-quality results with a large signal-to-noise ratio
  • Easy-to-use product enables data generation in 2 days

Assays instrumentation

From determining hepatocyte cell viability, conducting new compound affinity testing, to analyzing ADME-related gene expression, we offer assays, reagents, and instrumentation to support all ADME applications.


Nuclear receptors– Nuclear receptors are a superfamily of transcription factors that can mediate transcription regulation in ADME-relevant genes. To facilitate your drug discovery efforts through the study of nuclear receptors, we have developed highly sensitive Invitrogen LanthaScreen Nuclear Receptor Competitive Binding Assays, suitable for high-throughput screening.

TaqMan® Assays– Applied Biosystems TaqMan® Marker and Reporter assays are optimized for detection and quantitation of DNA or RNA sequences encoding common marker and reporter proteins and can be useful for determining successful transfection of your fluorescent fusion protein. TaqMan® Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assays are designed to detect polymorphisms in high-value drug metabolizing enzyme pharmacogenetics markers, including PharmaADME core markers. Our assays, pre-plated into Fast or standard 96- or 384-well plates, detect polymorphisms in 221 genes that code for various drug metabolism enzymes and drug transporters.


EVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging System– Our EVOS microscopes are designed for biologists, easy-to-use, versatile microscopes that reinvent your hepatic cell imaging routines to produce publication quality images and data in no time. Our EVOS systems offer top-of-the-line imaging components including high-quality cameras and optics, LED illumination, and easy-to-use image capture and processing software.

Featured ADME/Tox Products

The Gibco and Invitrogen brands by Thermo Fisher Scientific provide cell-based products to help accelerate the discovery and development of new therapeutics. Our comprehensive portfolio of hepatocytes, media, and supplements offer the stable foundation you need to confidently screen compounds for potential effects on liver function in both 2D and 3D models.

Review our offering of products to support your ADME/tox and DMPK needs and reach out to our team of hepatic scientists that can help you integrate these powerful tools in addition to providing hands-on training as you continue to make breakthroughs that will change the world of research and develop better therapies.

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