Western blotting is an invaluable tool for protein biology.

Find the right set of products that can assist you with detection and analysis of your protein. Find a comprehensive suite of solutions for every step of the western blotting workflow in order to help you obtain high-quality, publishable results with minimal time and effort.

Protein Electrophoresis and Western Blotting Technical Handbooks

Innovative western blotting solutions:

Boost your productivity with western blotting tools designed for efficient high-quality data generation.


Invitrogen Mini Gel System

  • Forward-facing well configuration—for easy sample loading
  • Less running buffer required—two separate gel chambers, only use the buffer needed for each gel
  • Side-by-side tank configuration—allows for simultaneous visualization of both gels
  • Compatible—fits all Invitrogen precast mini gels and SureCast handcast mini gel

Invitrogen Mini Gel System

  • Load up to 26 samples per gel
  • Separate chambers make it easy to run just one gel or two, conserving buffer
  • Use the same chamber for room temperature wet transfers
  • Multiple gel chemistries available

Invitrogen precast mini gels

Invitrogen precast midi gels/strong>

Mini Gel Tank and Blot Module

SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank and Blot Module/strong>


Invitrogen iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System

  • Rapid transfer proteins in only 7 minutes
  • Self-contained, plug-and-play system, with an integrated power supply
  • Pre-assembled transfer stacks, with transfer buffer incorporated into gel matrices

Invitrogen Power Blotter Transfer Device

  • Transfer up to 4 gels in only 10 minutes
  • Interchangeable blotting cassettes designed for your throughput
  • Multiple transfer stack consumable choices

iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device

Power Blotter XL System

iBlot 2 Transfer Stacks

Power Blotter Select Transfer Stacks

Blot Processing

Bandmate Automated Western Blot Processor

  • Completely automated antibody incubation and wash steps
  • Use as little as 3.5 mL of antibody for mini blots or 5 mL for midi blots
  • Recover primary and secondary antibodies
  • Process 1–4 mini or 1–2 midi blots simultaneously

Invitrogen iBind Automated Western Devices

  • Load and go—devices processes solutions using sequential lateral flow technology, with no batteries, shakers, trays, or timers required
  • Antibody savings—use up to 80% less primary antibody
  • Reproducibility—automated blot processing enables improved blot-to-blot consistency
  • Sensitivity—iBind systems offer greater sensitivity than manual methods for many monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

Bandmate Processor

iBind and iBind Flex Systems

Imaging & Analysis

Invitrogen iBright Imaging Systems

  • Powerful 9.1 megapixel (MP) camera—capture publication-quality images
  • Smart Exposure acquisition technology—rapidly determine optimal exposure times
  • Simple interface and a package of automated features—capture images quickly with minimal effort
  • Multi-application support—image protein gels, nucleic acid gels, chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent western blots, & more
  • Multiplex with up to 4 fluorophores
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support

iBright 1500 series western blot imaging systems/strong>

 width=PBright Analysis Software/strong>

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