12587010 – B-27™ Supplement (50X), minus vitamin A

12587010 – B-27™ Supplement (50X), minus vitamin A

INR 14,154.00


  • Cell Type: Neural Cells
  • Classification: Serum-Free
  • Product Line: B-27™
  • Product Size: 10 mL
  • Tests Performed: Endotoxin, Performance, Sterility
  • Shipping Condition: Dry Ice


A variation of the most cited neuronal cell culture supplement, B-27 Supplement Minus Vitamin A is a customized version of the original B-27 Supplement without vitamin A (retinyl acetate). B-27 Supplement Minus Vitamin A is a serum-free supplement ideal for the cultivation of neural progenitor and stem cells, either as neurospheres in suspension or in adherent monolayer culture, without inducing differentiation. B-27 Supplement Minus Vitamin A is provided as a 50X liquid and is intended for use with Neurobasal Medium or Neurobasal-A Medium for neuronal cell culture without the need for an astrocyte feeder layer.

B-27 Supplement is suitable for use in most neuronal cell applications. For other applications, we provide alternative formulations of B-27 Supplement and Neurobasal media.

For established protocols using B-27 Supplement, access our Gibco Neurobiology Protocol Handbook.

View publications using Gibco neurobiology products at our Gibco CellCite.

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -20°C) and protect from light.


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