Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Heat Inactivated, Origin USA

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Heat Inactivated, Origin USA

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is the most frequently used growth supplement for cell culture media. FBS Heat inactivated is suitable for immunological studies and culturing of sensitive cells.

Cat-No: FBS-HI-22A
Volume: 500 ml
Storage: ≤-15°C
Sterility: Sterile-filtered


Fetal bovine serum (FBS), Heat Inactivated is widely used in eukaryotic cell culture, typically as a supplement for growth media. Fetal bovine serum contains nutritional and embryonic growth promoting factors that are essential for a successful cell culture. Further, fetal bovine serum contains various small molecules, such as, e.g., amino acids, lipids, sugars, and hormones.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is the blood component obtained after coagulation and removal of cellular components. Its unique and comprehensive mix makes FBS one of the most important supplements for supporting cell growth and proliferation for in vitro cell culture.

Our fetal bovine serum for cell culture supports most cell lines and undergoes strict quality controls. This product is collected in USA.

Heat inactivation will inactivate the complement system, antibodies, and other active enzymes. It has to be done in a carefully controlled process to avoid damaging the cell growth-promoting properties of the serum and reducing the formation of unwanted precipitates. The process involves heating the serum in a shaking water bath at exactly +56 °C for 30 minutes. The shaking will help avoid the formation of protein and other forms of precipitates. After 30 minutes the serum is then cooled back down to room temperature as quickly as possible to avoid excessive exposure to heat, which can damage, e.g., growth factors and vitamins.


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