LC6100 – SilverXpress™ Silver Staining Kit

LC6100 – SilverXpress™ Silver Staining Kit

INR 33,430.00


  • Target Molecule: Protein
  • Label or Dye: SilverXpress® Silver Stain
  • Detection Method: Colorimetric
  • Detection Location: In-Gel Detection
  • Product Line: SilverXpress®
  • Product Size: 1 kit
  • Shipping Condition: Room Temperature


The SilverXpress® Silver Staining Kit is a highly sensitive silver staining kit providing nanogram-level sensitivity with minimal background. The easy-to-follow protocol requires less total time than standard Coomassie® staining and is complete in a little over 1 hour. With the SilverXpress® kit, you get:

  • Highly sensitive protein staining
  • Crystal clear backgrounds
  • A simplified protocolThe SilverXpress® Silver Staining Kit uses ammoniacal silver chemistry and glutaraldehyde sensitization to produce a highly sensitive silver stain, capable of detecting much lower levels of protein than standard Coomassie® or Colloidal Blue techniques. Clear background makes sample identification unambiguous and provides publication-quality gels.DNA staining
    The SilverXpress® kit may also be used for detecting nanogram concentrations of DNA that cannot be detected using ethidium bromide. It is five-times more sensitive than ethidium bromide, detecting as little as <0.5 ng of 50 bp DNA.

Contents & storage

This kit contains sufficient reagents to stain 25 minigels

125 mL Sensitizer
125 mL Stainer A
125 mL Stainer B
125 mL Developer
125 Stopper solution

Store kit at 2°C to 8°C. Stable for 6 months when stored under these conditions.



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