Real Biotech Corporation (RBC)

Starting from its research base in Taiwan, Real Biotech Corporation (RBC) has grown to be a leading R&D based provider of life science solutions worldwide.

Real Biotech Corporation (RBC) stands out from others with regards to strict quality control procedures, timely customer services and efficient technical support. Our latest research innovations include HIT Competent Cells™ and RBC T&A Cloning Kits. HIT Competent Cells™ (1 Minute Competent Cells) is the fastest transformation system worldwide and can be applied to ALL common E.coli laboratory strains. With the combination of RBC T&A Cloning kit and HIT Competent Cells™, cloning and transformation could be completed within six minutes. Real Biotech Corporation’ s research program is focused on bringing new technologies onto the benchtop of every life scientist.

Also, Real Biotech Corporation (RBC) never compromises on quality. Every product comes with the quality assurance. All products are monitored anytime during batch processing, shipping and storage. We insist on offering life scientists high quality products at the most reasonable pricing. Our Real Genomic kits are equivalent or superior to market leader brand Q in yield and purity with most economical prices.

Real Biotech Corporation (RBC) is a young company but here for the long term with an ever expanding array of good value, innovative design, and high quality life science products and services. We have a growing reputation for quality more than 27 countries we currently serve. By focusing on innovation, strict quality control, timely technical support and competitive pricing, we provide professional products and services for our valuable clients, dedicated life scientists worldwide. Think Biotech, Think Real Biotech!

Life Science Products

  • DNA & RNA Purification – Column System
  • DNA & RNA Purification – Enzyme / Reagent System
  • Enzymes/Enzyme Inhibitors/Reagents
  • HIT Competent Cells™
  • RBC Cloning Systems
  • PCR & Real-Time PCR
  • Reverse Transcription & RT-PCR
  • Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis
  • Proteomics