96 wells MiniPlus Plasmid Extraction System

High throughput plasmid miniprep system, one pipetting volume and centrifugation speed for all purification steps, the system includes high yield 96 wells column-plate for purifying up to 10 µg plasmid DNA from 1 ml E.coli culture.

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96 wells MiniPlus Plasmid Extraction SystemGF96100196 preps x 4N/A


Viogene 96 wells Mini Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction System provides a simple, fast and cost-effective method to purify plasmid DNA without phenol/chloroform extraction. It is based on binding of DNA to silica-based membranes in chaotropic salts.


Downstream Applications

  • Restriction digestion
  • Radioactive and fluorescent sequencing
  •  Transformation
  • Ligation
  •  PCR, RAPD