PCR AdvancedTM PCR Clean Up System

Features and Benefits

  • Clean up and concentrate DNA in 5 minutes, such as OrageneTM DNA
  • Up to 95% recovery of DNA fragment (100bp to >23kb)
  • High purity of DNA (A260 /A280 >1.9)
  • > 95% contaminant removal
  • Elute DNA with just 15~30 µl Elution buffer or ddH2O
ProductCat.No.List priceContentsMSDSProtocol
PCR AdvancedTM PCR Clean Up SystemPF200150 preps
50 GP Columns,
50 Collection Tubes,
Buffers, Protocol

PF2002250 preps
250 GP Columns,
250 Collection Tubes,
Buffers, Protocol


PCR AdvancedTM PCR Clean Up Miniprep System contains a silica-gel-membrane for binding of DNA in high-salt buffer (pH 4.5~5.5) and elution of DNA with low-salt buffer (pH 7.0~9.0) or ddH2O. The purification procedure removes contaminants, salts and other impurities from DNA samples,such as OrageneTM DNA.

Downstream Application

PCR AdvancedTM PCR Clean Up Miniprep System provides reproducible yields of high-purity DNA suitable for use in most applications, including:

  • Automated sequencing & PCR
  • Restriction digestion & modifying enzymatic reaction
  • Ligation
  • labeling, & hybridization