VioFast Blood & Cell Genomic DNA Extraction

Features and Benefits

  • Easy & Fast procedure
  • No Proteinase K / No additional incubation
  • No organic solvent extraction
  • Ready-to-use genomic DNA
ProductCat No.Kit SizeContentsMSDS Protocol
STAR Fast Blood & Cell
Genomic DNA Extraction
GBC100150 preps50 Blood & Tissue Genomic DNA Mini Columns,
50 Collection Tubes, Buffers, RNase A
GBC1002 250 preps250 Blood & Tissue Genomic DNA Mini Column,
250 Collection Tubes, Buffers, RNase A


Viogene® VioFastTM Blood & Cell Genomic DNA Extraction System provides an easy and fast method to isolate genomic DNA from blood and cultured cells. No need to use Proteinase K additionally, its unique detergent system can efficiently easily remove the biomass and reduce theextraction time within 15 minutes. Via the Viogene’s column with silica-gel-membrane technology, you can isolate simply genomic DNA without either phenol/chloroform extraction or ethanol precipitation.

The unique formula of BX buffer can easily isolate the genomic DNA from contamination of biomass in cells. The genomic DNA will be purified by column with Viogene’s silica-gel-membrane. Via easy and simple binding-washing-elution procedure, customers can get genomic DNA for the most applications right away.

Downstream Applications

  • Restriction digestion
  • Southern blotting
  • Sequence
  • PCR, Real-time PCR